“Congress needs to stop raiding the Social Security trust fund to pay for unrelated government spending. The American people are right to demand an end to this shameful practice… For over 30 years, Congress has spent the Social Security surplus on other government programs, and it’s a safe bet that this will continue unless we can enact legislation that requires a change.”

“Money that taxpayers have paid into Social Security for their retirement should not be used to pay for everything from foreign aid to defense to public housing. That is just plain dishonest.”

“Congress has a duty to preserve the Social Security program for workers and retirees who have played by the rules and paid into Social Security throughout their careers. Congress must also work to make the program sustainable for future generations.  For years, the Social Security trust fund ran surpluses, but unfortunately nothing prevented the government from spending those surpluses on unrelated government programs. That is completely unacceptable.”

“Social Security should be sacrosanct – it shouldn’t be a slush fund for politicians to raid to pay for other priorities… It’s critical that we pass a long-term transportation bill, but we shouldn’t do it at the expense of Americans who depend on Social Security.”

“Some months ago, this House stood almost unanimously and said we would put the Social Security monies in a lockbox. The lockbox is smashed. We are spending Social Security, $1.6 trillion of it, in this budget resolution that is before us today. In addition, Medicare is being cut billions of dollars.  Our seniors, who have built this country, have no medical insurance.”