Grassroots advocacy

#KeepOurTrust supporters send 5,000 emails to Congress!

We are well on our way to making sure every Congressman from every district has a whole lot of email to sift through.

The #KeepOurTrust email campaign is asking each and every American to take just a couple minutes and remind their district’s representatives they have yet to address the future of Social Security’s solvency.

So far, Congress has received 5,000 messages from constituents in their districts demanding action to prevent Social Security benefit cuts and protect the Trust Fund from government spending.

It is critical that voters in every district reach out. It doesn’t matter what age, what political party, or whichever demographic group you might belong to–we need to show Congress that Social Security is an important program for everyone.

Our financial security as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s rests in the decisions legislators will make TODAY. And TODAY we NEED to protect and restore Social Security.

To email your Congressmen and join our fight to protect Social Security, just follow this link.

And if you’ve already used it to contact your Congressmen, we owe you a massive THANK YOU!

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