The Seniors Center officially announces the #KeepOurTrust campaign

In a press release this afternoon, seniors advocacy nonprofit The Seniors Center unveiled a brand new legislative push to commit members of Congress to fixing Social Security’s looming financial shortfall.

#KeepOurTrust asks members of Congress to commit themselves to supporting legislation that closes the funding gap projected to affect Social Security by 2034 and permanently end the spending of Social Security taxes on anything but Social Security benefits.

For the first time, we are reaching out to Congressmen and Congresswomen themselves for their individual support on these critical issues, asking them to sign the #KeepOurTrust Pledge to protect Social Security.

Through petitions, surveys, and discussions, thousands of our supporters have spoken.  Now it’s time for our elected officials to answer.

In the coming weeks, #KeepOurTrust will be reaching out to supporters with actions they can take right at home to motivate their representatives to sign the Pledge.  We will also contact members of Congress in key districts to sign the Pledge and become a champion for current and future Social Security beneficiaries across the nation.

We will update the campaign’s progress right here at–to find out if YOUR members of Congress signed the Pledge, we invite you to check back right here for regular updates.

For more information about today’s press release and what The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin has to say about this exciting new campaign, you can view our full release right here.

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