Americans tell Congress “It’s Time to Fix Social Security!”

Exactly one month ago we created the “It’s Time to Fix Social Security!” Petition, a call-to-action from constituents to their Congressional legislators affirming and supporting the tenets of the #KeepOurTrust Pledge.  To date, the petition has collected 6,130 signatures from concerned Americans across the country.

In addition to reaching out to members of Congress directly, we hope to show massive citizen support for the Pledge through the signatures of current, soon-to-be, and future retirees and Social Security beneficiaries.

Along with adding their signatures, #KeepOurTrust supporters have also left nearly 1,400 comments to their Senators and Representatives in Congress.  It’s clear the American public is fed up with the foot-dragging allowing the Trust Fund to dip into insolvency once again.

Here are just a few of the messages our supporters have left for our legislators:

Your membership in Congress is dependent upon our trust in your ability to FIX Social Security for the people and NOT just plan to do it.  FIX IT OR YOU ARE OUT OF OFFICE!

Karen T.
Houston, TX

I’m tired of excuses. Very tired of our Congressional leaders, both Democrat and Republican.

Donna F.
Fort Worth, TX

You are economically secure up there.  Help your constituents to be secure, too.  Please.

Joanne J.
Cherry Hill, NJ

Fix Social Security—we depend on it.  And work together for the people, not for yourselves.

Andrew D.
Sachse, TX

This is long overdue.

William M.
Saint George, UT

Save our Social Security. Keep the promise to those who rely on it for our supposed Golden Years.

Karen L.
Ventnor City, NJ

We the American People need your help in this matter.

Patti P.
Lexington, NC

Make sure you guys come up with a plan to fix Social Security.  That’s what you were voted in for.

Geri W.
Macomb, MI

Too many people have worked long and hard in this nation for the security of our Social Security system. [They] have paid into it dearly.

Jeff W.
Meadowcreek, WV

People work hard and depend on their Social Security when they can’t work any longer.  And it needs to be fixed.

Jane S.
Florence, MS

Please do the right thing for us seniors.  Most of us struggle to live on $12,000 a year, and many on even less than that.

June H.
Clover, SC

Do what you were elected to do.  ACCOMPLISH something…

Joyce G.
Sahuarita, AZ

I depend on Social Security to live now that I’m going to be 74 in January.  I’m still working to make ends meet.  Don’t know how much longer I will have the ability to work.  I don’t want to be a burden to my children—as it is they have to help me financially.  I don’t think it’s fair to them.  I’ve worked since I was 11.  I shouldn’t have to worry about receiving the money I’ve paid [into] Social Security all my life.

Tena K.
Valparaiso, IN

Put Congress on Social Security for their retirement and watch how quickly it gets saved, improved, and protected!

Brad Z.
Loganville, GA

Quit talking and start fixing the problem Congress created.

Claire N.
Landrum, SC

It is crucial that we fix Social Security before it’s too late…

William A. S.
Ruffin, NC

Time to unite: Republicans and Democrats are being divided while the fund is being robbed and paying out to other programs.  This is not an entitlement, but a commitment.  Enough bickering and begin fixing.

Edwin H.
Bellville, TX

#KeepOurTrust has already started to reach out directly to members of Congress.  We’re looking forward to making an exciting campaign announcement first thing in the New Year, so keep an eye on our News, follow us on social media, or sign up for our email updates to stay updated.

In the meantime, please help us gather as much citizen support as we possibly can by sharing our “It’s Time to Fix Social Security!” Petition with your friends and family.  Every signature, every comment, and every voice of support is vital to showing Congress it’s time to make Social Security a priority right NOW.

4 Comments to “Americans tell Congress “It’s Time to Fix Social Security!””

  1. I hope no one is dense enough to think that taking away the security that over a hundred million Americans have paid for their entire lives, would be a decision made without consequences. Backing them into a corner, and leaving them with nothing left to lose just might create a class of Americans on the hunt for revenge. I can’t think of a faster way to have our country burst into flames.

  2. Fix social security but do not steal any more of it. And we expect congress to return the 2 to 3 billion they have already stolen. It is not an entitlement but money “we the people” have been putting in for decades for our own benefit!

  3. I for one would like to receive the funds I did not receive when I applied for SSDI, I only received my first monthly check, I waited 120 days for final decision and end up getting screwed out of wait time funds that I was entitled to. I also want to remark that I do not want all to receive Medicare, the only folks who deserve this are those who retired after busting a hump for 30+ years

  4. Seniors paid into social security all the years that we worked & our Government chose to take our money & put it into the General Gov acct & have taken millions of our dollars & used them for their pet projects. Now you tell us we are going broke, put all the money you stole from our SS acct & we won’t go broke.
    Also too many Americans were unemployed & not paying into our social security system, Pres Trump has put many of these people back to work so this will help as they are now paying into SS.

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